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Carriage of goods abroad is subject to customs rules and regulations. Depending on the type of goods, country of origin and country of destination, goods may or may not, be subject to prohibitions, restrictions, inspection, detention and the application of duties and taxes. these rules are set by governments and are separate from rules of the carriage. Freight Premium fully complies with customs rules and regulations in the UK as well as all countries in which we arrange transport to/from.
  • Import Declaration

Customs Clearance Service for Air, Road and Sea Imports into UK

  • Export Declaration

Customs Clearance Service for Air, Road and Sea Exports from the UK to worldwide destinations

  • Trans-Shipments

Customs Clearance Service for goods that are in transit through the UK

  • IPR Clearance

Inward & Outward Processing clearance service for traders that temporarily import or export goods for repair or processing

Customs Compliance

Complying with customs regulations, UK and overseas is of course a necessity and one which requires care and attention. Providing inaccurate information, incorrect customs tariff codes or Customs Procedure Codes (CPC) on export or import entries can result in delays to goods, as well as customs queries or inspections, which can have adverse consequences.


The key to deriving positive benefits from customs procedures is knowledge; in Freight Premium our staff have a solid all-around understanding of the Customs environment and procedures that can transform a “cause for concern” into a “cause for celebration”.


Freight Premium is registered with HMRC, our electronic access to customs CHIEF system allows us to make customs declarations faster and simpler for our clients.

What We Clear



Freight Premium provides customs clearance services for import and export of personal belongings on behalf of private individuals. Depending on the nature of goods and the country of which the goods are coming from, your personal effects may or may not be subject to the application of duties and taxes by HMRC. For more information please speak to a member of our staff.
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Freight Premium provides customs clearance service for import and export of commercial goods to and from worldwide destinations. Depending on the commodity of goods, country of origin and country of destination, goods may be subject to import or export controls by HMRC. Some goods may be subject to the application of import and export licences.



Freight Premium supports multinational corporations with safe delivery of their  industrial equipment and spare parts by Air Freight, Hand Carry or by Air Charter. 
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